You Never Stop Learning – Accept it.

I discovered something new about myself the other day. I love learning and discovering myself as I’ve been so incredibly lost for years and years. Seriously, we’re talking about me not knowing what color I preferred or how I enjoyed my toast done. What soda I want or how I love tying my hair.

It especially being January 2019, what a better way to start the year of discovering new things, getting to know yourself. I just wanted to marvel within this moment.



I’ve been following  Matthew Fry on Instagram for quite some time now. He’s a Divination expert. His website: Soul Divination .

I started following him on Instagram because I really resonated well with his energy and vibe. As if you can feel the energy pouring from him into your space. Now, before you start minding too much (over-thinking and analyzing, a skeptic or non-believer), just do yourself a favor and come into contact with people working with energy. I’m not going to delve into how I started my journey with energy work etc. within this post, as that topic will be discussed in depth within its own space and time.



I never understood the idea, the concept of working with energy.

How divination systems worked. How plant medicines worked etc. It’s a whole new world to explore and you will be amazed, shocked and rocked to your core once you delve into this world and really discover yourself. People mostly are nervous and reek of fear once they are presented with something they don’t understand. The mind immediately kicks into overdrive mode, the survival instincts step forward and you are presented with two options; Flight or Fight mode.

That’s why it’s crucial to first do your own research when it comes to energy work, Oracle experts, plants medicines or any other type of alternative healing. After you’ve done your research, find someone you can trust and work your way slowly into this world. There are many scams out there and people faking their position, only wanting your money. So, ask around, extend your intuition and this is one area you need to use your gut feeling and trust it.



Matthew introduced me to The Human Design .

Just keep in mind, I strongly believe that you will be guided towards a certain journey should you allow the energy to take you there.

Don’t just dive into something you don’t understand. You may walk out more confused the other side, scarred in some ways and never want to look back. Take it easy and worm your way through this whole new exploration idea.

I only came to discover this Human Design after I’ve gone through years and years of self-healing, internal exploration, medicinal chemical drugs, cannabis, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Rapè, Akashic Records etc. My journey thus far has been an incredibly long walk from where I was to where I am now. You see what I’m getting at?

The Human Design allows you to really delve deep into your conscious mind (personality) and your unconscious mind (that which you are not yet aware of).



Ultimately, I discovered why I act and react the way I do.

What I’m made of, my human make-up if you will. And after reading all of this, it all just clicked into place. I finally broke through that invisible barrier of understanding why I struggle so much.

I’m all about trial and error. See what works and what doesn’t work. Through trial and error, you continuously make mistakes. Too many people feel and believe that if you make mistakes it immediately sums you up as a failure. People believe there are wrong and right choices. However, once you really dive into this world of exploration and discover the meaning behind things, you learn that we as humans, each one of us is here to make mistakes. This is how we learn. This is how we need to learn in order to grow. The choices we make, wrong or right, it directs us onto a new path and presents us with more opportunities to discover who we are and why we are here.

It all comes down to continuous learning.

You need to change your perception of how you perceive things. The world ain’t all black and white. There are invisible rainbows in-between, rays of color we don’t always see. It’s within those rays of color which can’t wait to burst out into the open and scream at us… “I’m here. See me! Touch me! Discover me.” – This is the true you. Your true nature.



Listen, all those dreadful moments of you questioning yourself why you made this choice or that one, why you keep struggling or learn the hard way… YOU NEVER STOP LEARNING.

Just start accepting it. We learn through hardships, blood, sweat, and tears. We walk, fall down face in the mud and ultimately draw in strength to get up and continue walking ahead. Finding that strength within you, deeply nestled within your core to press forward and never quitting life, never quitting yourself.

Don’t for one second think it’s easy!

No freakin way. I’ve knocked on death’s door in my past many times. Just as death wants to answer my call, I somehow found the voice and strength to pull myself away and say, “Not yet death. Not yet.” For 30 years I’ve walked through swamps slicing my way through situations and circumstances that only wanted to drown me. I’ve fought internal battles, bled out and miraculously woke up again. I’ve witnessed and experienced the taste of death, of blood, pain, and heartache.




It’s irrelevant when you finally wake up from your own dream. There is no age attached to learning and discovering who you are. I’ve finally embraced who I am, complete with my trial and error DNA. I’ve accepted that I will continue making mistakes until the day I say good-bye to this experience. Yet, I now understand WHY I make mistakes and struggle.

To learn from it.

Getting to know me internally.

Growing from experiences.

Evolving and transforming into a butterfly.

Ultimately expanding my own consciousness where I can fly through the minds of others and become whom I am meant to be.


Start perceiving your own struggles and challenges as lessons to be learned.

No matter how many times you hit your head against that wall. Keep hitting it, one day you’ll awaken and discover the lesson within. And if you make mistakes, make wrong choices… IT’S OKAY – LEARN FROM IT!


During your process, never forget to be kind to yourself. Be gentle and patient with your progress. And yes, if you want to face the truth or not, it will continue staring at you until you open the door and let it in… Start loving yourself. Start accepting who you are with your struggles and all. There is a reason why you chose this experience. Start searching for those answers, once you start searching, doors will miraculously open and lead you to where you need to go.


Love, Light & Peace to you.

Ash B.




The posts on the Lyran Heart Blog detail my own personal experiences in relation to the topic. This can include, but is not limited to, challenges, healing, growth, evolving etc. When it comes to lessons and/or healing tips, we cannot guarantee that you will have the same experiences or outcome. I am not a doctor and cannot provide medical advice. None of the information I share should be used as a replacement for seeking medical attention.

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