Surrendering Equals Forgiveness

“Surrender is deeply misunderstood as an act of weakness. Surrender is the bravest and most lucid thing a human ever does, and that’s why it’s so precious to the Divine.”

– Andrew Harvey



Why do we need to surrender?
To what or whom do we need to surrender to?
How can you surrender when you trust nothing or no-one?

Since birth, our parents, family, and friends project onto us their opinions, values, morals, and way of life. It’s not necessarily the right way, but believe it or not, most parents do the best they can to the level of their perceived consciousness.
As children, we are wild and free. That is a perfectly beautiful picture ain’t it? Unfortunately, the rise of abuse towards children has spiked dramatically. They grow up into young adults not knowing who the hell they are or where they are headed.

“There are too many of us who endured and suffered through an agonizing childhood. A childhood we never ever want to recall. It’s too horrific, disturbing and painful.”


As difficult as it may seem to fathom and accept, it’s this perceived perception that traps most of us into believing, we simply need to tuck away those painful or dark memories and with time it will go away.

Unfortunately, I’ll let you in on a secret… it will HAUNT you until the day you die. It will grow and fester into a monster you never want to encounter.


For years and years, I couldn’t talk about my past.

As soon as I tried, my chest literally started clogging up. This immense pressure suffocated me. Depression, anxiety and panic attacks awaited their signal to jump in and drown me for good. I thought, that if I simply ‘forget’ about what happened, time will heal all wounds.

But how can time heal wounds if you never attended to it?

What happens to a cut off arm or leg if you simply let it be? You’ll bleed out.

What happens to a deep wound you just let be? It will infect, rot and you’ll most probably die.

This is what literally happens to all those dark painful memories you keep festering within your own mind. It infects the rest of your body, you drown yourself with negativity and ultimately, you’ll rather want to die, not being able to cope with the heaviness you must carry every single day.

My husband has taught me so much. Since the beginning stages of our relationship, he took my hand, guided me and showed me another way of living. However, there were things he couldn’t help me with. For instance, how to surrender. A person can lead you to the water, but he/she can’t force you to drink it. You need to step in and help yourself.

Surrendering to your past means acknowledging all the bad parts – the good bits too.

It’s about letting go of that which no longer serves you and trusting in the process. It’s about accepting your path thus far and making peace with whom you’ve become – positive or negative.

As you surrender to the darkest places within you, you face your fears head-on.

Understand that the past remains in the past. It’s only memories we connect an emotion to. It can’t hurt you any longer, unless you allow it to. The future has not yet arrived. The only thing you need to be aware of is the ‘NOW’.


Be present within this moment.

Now you trust in the divine, the process of healing and believe in yourself that you can completely heal. You are always worthy of being healed.

Every event that happened for you, taught you valuable lessons to make use of the day when you are ready to share your wisdom with the rest of the world.

The past does not sculpt you. The future does not define you. Only now-this moment is what matters and how you make use of this moment to create your path forward.

Keep in mind, holding onto negativity, past dark memories etc. it has never served you in a positive manner.

It keeps you in a negative limbo, thus you only emit negativity outward. The only way for you to move forward and becoming unstuck is to let go of negativity – that which no longer serves you. It has never served you. It has only depleted you year after year.


The Beauty of freedom lies within each one of us. The key to surrendering is about taking the first step to freeing your soul from your ever-interfering ego.

It’s about taking the first step to admitting you’ve made many mistakes. Yet, looking back, you’ll be immensely grateful for all the mistakes you’ve made because you learn from it – valuable lessons.

Take the first step to admitting your faults and shortcomings.

Take the first step to dive deep into your subconscious mind, now reprogramming and de-conditioning yourself from past events.

And take that first step embracing your demons with love and letting them go as they no longer serve you.

Now you move into a space of forgiveness. YES…you read that correctly. One day, you’ll be reminded of this sentence and smile silently as you acknowledge the truth within. The art of surrendering is ultimately about forgiving yourself and forgiving those that hurt you so bad. And this takes time, and it’s perfectly okay if it takes forever! Forgiving others and forgiving yourself breaks the shackles which keeps you in your prison. It sets you free.

You’ll eventually understand what it means to love yourself. Being gentle with yourself. Hugging and Protecting yourself. Most importantly, forgiving yourself.


Love, Light & Peace to you.

Ash B.


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