Spirit Guide Reading

Have you felt that intense deeply rooted loneliness…you simply can’t place your finger on it…it’s just there…that loneliness as you walk this human experience…on your own.

But here is the secret… you have NEVER been alone. You have a whole team of guides walking with you every second of each day. You simply need to align with their energies to pick up on all the messages they’ve been sending you via signs and symbols of all sorts and forms to help you and guide you with your daily life.


I remember my first official Akashic Record reading. It was absolutely mind-blowing! So much started making sense, puzzle pieces falling into place. However, that deeply rooted sense of me being alone, it still remained…it still lingered.

Until I booked a second session to connect with my Spirit Guides. This is something you need to experience for yourself to fully comprehend what it does to you. I felt shy at times…I kid you not. Knowing that my guides have been there with me all along. I just needed to align with their higher vibrational frequency to allow the messages to flow easily and effortlessly into my field of understanding.

Immediately I resonated with the information. I felt their presence. I started talking to them like a crazy person. I formed a bond with them. I reintroduced myself… since I forgot about them, being in this incarnated human form, but they never forgot about me.

And that’s what I want to offer you. Peace of mind. Turning that loneliness into support and happiness. Showing you how they’ve been connecting with you all along and how they continue to connect with you by helping you stay on track.

What Do you receive during a session?

I’ll need a few details of you which we’ll discuss when you make contact with me.

Afterwards, I’ll enter your energy field where I make contact with your guides, them filling me in who they are, why they are with you, what their role is on your squad and any potential messages they may have for you.

I also feel out who your spirit animal is for the time being, as they love coming and going as you learn, heal, grow and evolve…it’s almost to say…they stay for as long as you need them to stay. But when you want them to stay…they need to leave. (Sounds much like that Nanny McPhee movie…right?)

South African Rate

* R1000

+- 1-hr reading

Recording of the reading.

International Rate

* $100

+- 1-hr reading.

Recording of the reading.