Soul Potential / Profile Session

Who am I on a Soul level? Where do I come from? What is my life purpose for this experience? How come I have this talent / gifts? Do I even have a soul? What does my soul look like? Am I an Earth-seed or Star-seed? Where do I fit into this crazy upside down world?


So you’ve got the hang of the physical realm; however, you feel the need to delve deeper into the dimensional realm. This reading is wonderful and introductory if you feel a bit overwhelmed with past lives etc.
This session is not as intense as the full Akashic Records session. It does, however, allow you to meet yourself at a soul level.
It shows where you come from and your particular life purpose for this experience you’re currently living in.
Want to know if your child is an Earth-seed or Star-seed, from which soul group they originally stem from? Who they are at a soul level and how to motivate and encourage their ways while they’re still very young? What about your partner, friends or family members? Then this reading is perfect.

You’ll contact me via email. I’ll request basic personal details from you. We’ll decide upon a date and time. You make full payment. On the day of the appointment, please make sure you’re available for +-1 hour. We’ll discuss all the findings. I’ll email you all info and a recording of our session will be sent as well.
After you’ve processed your reading, a month or few has passed and you feel like delving a bit deeper, then please feel free to contact me for your Full Akashic Records Reading. Truly something spectacular…indeed an experience you’ll not forget anytime soon.

what do you receive during a session?

  • Your Soul Group. Where you come from. Are you an Earth-seed or Star-seed. Detailed information on this.
  • Your Soul’s Gifts & Talents.
  • Your Soul’s personality – positives and shadow side.
  • Your Soul Specialization.
  • Your life purpose; life lessons you need to master.


Often we react a certain way, feel a specific way, drawn to certain things and this usually stems from a space deep within our core we don’t necessarily acknowledge or feel comfortable with, even understand. Having a soul profile reading clears away most confusion and brings forth the elements of why you are you; why you’re drawn to things, etc.
Imagine being unplugged from a very long deep sleep. No longer uncertain of yourself.

A soul profile session dives deep into the core of your beingness and finally, you walk out the other side knowing exactly who you are at a soul level and where you’re headed with crystal clear clarity, confidence, and a newfound appreciation for life.
Maybe you feel something is missing in your life somewhere, however, you can’t pinpoint the location, not understanding what it could be.
It’s not as intense as the full Akashic Records session. I don’t pull past lives, we simply look at your soul, your personality, gifts & talents.

This reading will best fit you if you first want to dip your toes into an energy reading.

Parents who have children, not understanding their ways or nature – you’re welcome to book a session. This session will clear up many frustrations and even worries as parents. Some parents may feel finally they’re able to help and guide their children to be the best versions of themselves. Knowing exactly why they chose to come to Earth. Anybody and everybody, young and old can have their soul profile reading. This reading as mentioned above is great if you first want to test out the waters before diving into the deep with the Akashic Records.

Take a leap of faith. Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Courageous. You may just walk out being extremely shocked, yet super excited and surprised as to what came out for you.

south african rate

* R1400

Includes Full Soul Profile Session (+- 1 hour)

Recording of our session.

Guidance afterwards if needed.

international rate

* US $140

Includes Full Soul Profile Session (+- 1 hour)

Recording of our session.

Guidance afterwards if needed.