“Teach this triple truth to all:

A generous heart, kind speech, a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity”. – Buddha



Welcome to Lyran Heart. A place where seeds of positivity are planted in the wake of our journey. A space where you and I are going to re-ignite that spark.

Firstly, Thank You for reaching out and trusting in the guidance that is about to unfold. Venturing into uncharted waters can mostly be a bit unsettling, even a bit nerve-wracking. However, it’s within these journeys where we always discover ourselves on a deep soul level, thus remembering who we are, where we come from and what our mission is upon this Earth…within this experience.


I am a certified Soul Potential Practitioner.



I embrace the gift of accessing your Akashic Records which allows me to open and explore your Book of Life. A compendium of all your living events, thoughts, words, emotions, intentions,etc. which occurred in your past, present and or probable future. This is done through accessing your energetic field, since the Akashic Records is within the etheric plane.

Now why would one want to access the Akashic Records?

Well, I will be able to inform, help and guide you through the following:

  • Where you come from. Are you a star seed or earthling.
  • Your soul’s gifts and talents – in which profession you possibly could thrive. Hobbies which will really satisfy your inner desires.
  • What is your soul personality and specialization. Wondered why you are drawn to certain things, do certain things etc.
  • What are your primary life lessons within this experience and possible challenges you struggle with.
  • Past lives which have affected you positively and negatively – any blockages or vows which may still be active. Past karma.
  • Your choices and its consequences and how it all fits perfectly into a big puzzle which you’ll be able to easily and effortlessly understand.
  • I’ll introduce you to your Soul Guides, who they are, their role on your team, their names and ways they communicate with you. You’ll never feel a sense of loneliness after this reading!


I am a Baby Oracle – been active for +-30 years.



I’ve been a psychic medium for the past 30+ years, however I do prefer the term ‘Baby Oracle’ as I feel I continuously learn and evolve. I don’t call spirits, rather I work with your Soul Guides should a connection be established. Should a passed over loved one come through, then that will be conveyed to you. To delve a bit deeper:


  • I can SEE images, symbols and outlines within the etheric plane. – Clairvoyance
  • Clairsentience; it allows me to FEEL the presence of other energies within the etheric plane.
  • I can HEAR what is sent from the etheric plane into our 3D experience. – Clairaudience
  • Claircognizance allows me to KNOW things. Intuition playing a huge role here.
  • I can SMELL fragrances or environments within the etheric plane.
  • I am also an empath, feeling and perceiving your mental or emotional state.

Always I use my Baby Oracle abilities within Akashic Record readings, Soul Guide Readings and Life Coaching sessions. Should a connection want to be established from someone you know who’ve passed over, I will make you aware of this and we can take it from there.


I am an Intuitive Life Coach.



For the past +-30 years, ‘life’ has been my coach, sending me lots of people with different backgrounds into my experience and teaching me the tools of which I needed to make use of to find my own way.

You may wonder what an Intuitive Life Coach is…

It’s a professional (life coach) who guides people (you), to change your life by living your fullest potential by helping you access your own intuition. I gauge your energy and emphasize emotional and spiritual healing. I guide you in unblocking any stagnant energies which keeps you from moving forward. In a nutshell, I help you to achieve wholeness in which you recognize your own issues, strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t mistaken these sessions as therapy. Quite the contrary. You won’t be telling me all about your past (unless you feel you want to) or me putting you in the spotlight of uncomfortability. We move from where you currently are at and from there, we only move forward by following certain models, guidelines, exercising the intuition, homework/techniques etc.


Maybe you are facing a challenge within the following area(s) of your life:

  • Past Trauma – Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks.
  • Love and Relationships
  • Career and Finance
  • Education
  • Creativity and hobbies
  • Family or friends – maybe both.
  • Confidence and self-love/care/respect.
  • Spirituality


Please do keep in mind, I will never tell you what to do or how to manage certain areas within your life to come to some sort of agreement. I won’t be selling you any type of healing package claiming I’m the only person that can guide you or quickly fix you. I rely solely upon the guidance I receive from my Soul Guides and your Soul Guides. Together we work as a team to find the best plan of action in helping you reclaiming back your power to face and deal with circumstances to the best of your ability. You’ll notice I keep referring to the word ‘guide’ and not really ‘help’. You, only you can HELP yourself. People, healers etc. can only GUIDE you. If you don’t want to be helped, you resist the ebb and flow of energy, thus resistance will be the dominant energy. I prefer to guide my clients into realizing they have the power within themselves to help themselves by making use of their own intuition. And you need to realize that any type of healing can take months or even years! We are going to be realistic and not promote any type of quick fix. It personally took me 20 years to completely heal.


The most common methods I’ll be using during an Intuition Life Coaching session is as follows:

  • Accessing your Akashic Records for more detailed guidance. (A full Akashic Record reading is available as a session on its own and not included here).
  • A channeled session in which I make use of my psychic medium abilities – dependent on the root problem.
  • Coaching which will involve guidance, worksheets/exercises for you.
  • Energy clearing – me clearing your Chakras and or any existent energy cords / karma / energy patterns from previous lives which may hold you back.
  • Crystal healing – you will be amazed to find what powerful energies crystals encompass.
  • Cartomancy – in which I reference to Divination oracle cards / Tarot, which is extremely accurate.



  • Tell you what to do with your life.
  • Make empty promises – remember, we need to work together as a team for you to achieve your goal.
  • Aggressively pushing you into a direction.
  • Predicting your future or what’s going to happen next. Only you are in control of what your future will look like.
  • Forcing you to diet or exercise – I can offer tips…but that’s it.
  • I don’t prescribe any medications or offer therapy sessions. I’m not a medical practitioner.



I’m here to motivate you, uplift and guide you to find the answers you’re looking for by asking you key questions that prompt you to delve into your own mind and heart for answers.

You are in control of your life, not me.

Only you can take productive action to create a desired outcome for yourself.

I’m simply here to GUIDE you along the way and show you possible positive roads.