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Take that first step. Discover who you are at soul level, your gifts and talents. Or, if you're not into spirituality, dive right into your human design, the blueprint of whom you are. Become the best possible version of yourself by delving deep into the core of your essence.

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Sometimes all we need is a nudge into a certain direction, a helping hand, an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on. I offer these services to guide, teach and help you to observe your life differently. Gaining a different perspective as we view our lives is often all we need to continue forward.


Some Client Love...

"After my reading with Ashleigh, so many things became clear. I understood my life better. As if for the first time, I know what's going on in my life and why I am here. It's amazing. I really appreciate your guidance Ashleigh. Thank you so much!"
Marlo Steenkamp
"The time I spent with you was absolutely overwhelming to the limit, yet amazing! The whole session was such an eye opener. I feel incredibly relaxed, positive and prepared to make some serious changes. Thank you so much Ashleigh for this opportunity. Now I understand so much more!"
Maureen Le Grange
"A few weeks ago, I had my Akashic Records read. I went into this experience with a little bit of knowledge about what it was and what it could do for you, but nothing could prepare me for what it did for me. It was amazing to finally get answers and guidance to things that I've been struggling with my entire life. It almost felt like I was given my own 'manual.' Ashleigh provides clarity in a loving, respectful way, without tiptoeing or going around the situation. The soul-profile part felt like it was my soul's blueprint, and using this information has helped me with the redefinition of my business. Something always felt 'off' when it came to this, and now I know why. This has been a life-changing event for me, and it has given me a new sense of direction, and last but not least, it will stop me from making the same mistakes over and over again. Ashleigh is so gifted by the universe, yet very down to earth too. I loved the whole experience and feel so blessed to be connected to her! I can recommend her to anyone, because whether you're spiritual or not, we all have a soul, so we all can benefit from this."
Natasja van Buren
"Ashleigh is quite an alluring and deep person. Allowing a stranger to enter such sensitive areas through one's Akashic Records, requires a certain level of trust. Ashleigh is incredibly trustworthy, she firmly believes in ethics and honesty; placing me - the client, at much ease. She reminds me of the ocean. Calm to the eye, yet what's inside of her is a mystery. She encompasses such deep wisdom especially at her age, however, her life she's walked and paved puts one at ease because she definitely knows what she's talking about through many years of experience. She is such a kind, loving and patient soul, always wanting to help and motivate people, especially strangers. I highly recommend Ashleigh as any person's teacher and guide."
Judy-Ann Jansen
"I have been for quite a few sessions with Ashleigh already. She's experienced me during my darkest hours and happiest times. She's been such an invaluable treasure, helping and guiding me through my own challenges with her psychic gifts, her soft and patient communicative approach, her understanding, wisdom and guidance. She has proved to me continuously she is truly a messenger - connecting to the other side we often ignore."
Dalène de Lange
"Ever since I can remember, I always knew that this life on Earth is not all there is. I started reading books on subjects out of the ordinary until I read 'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol. 1+2'. About a year ago I wanted to explore the spiritual world and not long after, I was put in touch with Ashleigh. She helped me understand why we are here and where we are going and where we come from by having the ability to read my Akashic Records. Since then, a lot of things are making sense to me and without her professional approach I would never have had this life-changing experience. Give yourself the chance to let her read your Akashic Records and open up a new way of understanding life and the way forward. It's an amazing ride. Thank you, Ashleigh!"
Willem Heusdens

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