Intuitive Mentoring Sessions


These intuitive mentoring sessions are specifically for existing clients who’ve already had a reading with me.
Often, sessions can be quite overwhelming because so much information comes through, you can feel like not being able to touch the ground.

So, what do you do after you’ve received your reading and 30-day homework assignment?
Well, it can unlock more questions you’re not certain how to answer. It can create confusion in certain cases. It can leave you utterly confused as you’re not entirely sure how to implement the info you’ve received.
What to do with it?
How to work with it?

I can remember when my records were read; twice in fact, in 1 month. Although the second session was far more enriching, it still left me unsure. I kind of needed a hand to hold, an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on or cry on.
That’s why I opened these Intuitive Mentoring 1-hour sessions. After we’ve delved into your records, after a month or so and you feel you need extra guidance… I’m here.

I do hourly sessions. During this hour you and I will discuss the things you need more guidance on and together we’ll get you back onto that road where you feel confident to walk alone.

South African Rate

International Rate

* R450 per 1-hour session

Mentoring / Coaching 

* $45 per 1-hour session

Mentoring / Coaching