Full Akashic Records Session

Where do I come from? Why do I feel I’m not from Earth? Why do I have this deep internal longing for something or someone? What are my talents? Why am I here? Why am I struggling so much in life? What job do I need to do? When will life become more bearable? Why did this happen to me? Why am I so fearful? Why do I struggle to trust, commit and love? Why do I feel this way?


Do these questions sound familiar to you… questions you’ve asked continuously, yet never receiving an answer?

If you’re seeking a deep in-depth reading and want to gain crystal clear answers to the above, then this reading is perfect for you.

It’s always best to have an intention when entering a sacred space or ceremony. Fear needs to be pushed aside and you being at peace with yourself because there is nothing to fear. 

If you have specific questions you want to be answered, please feel free to send me those as well. If there is something specific you want out of your reading, discuss it with me beforehand. 

Remember, there is no stupid or silly question, that I promise you! I want you to feel at ease and reach a space of comfortability when you make contact with me. Just be in the moment.

You’ll contact me via email or Whats App on the phone as I’ll need the basic information from you. 

We’ll schedule a date and time. You then make full payment. On the scheduled appointment day, you need to be available for a minimum of 2-3 hours. This really all depends on how much info needs to come through. Sometimes a reading can surpass the 2-hour mark, so just be open and free on your session day. 

I have changed a few things about how I offer the readings to my clients.

Since I’ve been working with numerous clients and receiving their feedback, I’ve decided NOT TO DO LIVE Skype sessions during an actual reading anymore. The reason for this is because so much information comes through when I access a client’s records. The information is so overwhelming, that during a live session, I lose the attention of my clients. Mostly all of them thus far didn’t know how to cope with all the info and this only created more confusion and frustration. So… when you’ve made payment and we’ve both decided upon a scheduled date, I’ll video record the whole session first. That video I’ll send to you which you’ll then watch in your own time on that scheduled day. After you’ve watched it, you’ll write down all the questions, etc. you feel you may have. Then we’ll schedule a live video call in which we can communicate with one another face-to-face.

We’ll discuss all the findings. Afterward, I’ll email you all the info & reading of your session. You’ll receive 30-days of homework. This is a crucial part of reprogramming your subconscious mind and energetically implementing a new perception. 

After the 30 days, I’ll check in with you for +-15 min. We can discuss your progress.

Lastly, you continue with your life and integrate what you’ve learned. 

what do you receive during a session?

  • Your Soul Group. Are you an Earth-seed or Star-seed. Detailed information hereof.
  • Your Soul Gifts. Gifts & talents you encompass. 
  • Your Soul Personality. Positives and challenges you may face.
  • Your Soul Specialization on a soul level.
  • Possible career options you are naturally gifted at.
  • How you naturally respond within a relationship, be it romantic or general.
  • Your power center – how you best respond to the world naturally.
  • Your primary life purpose. Why you are here. Is it a life lesson or soul purpose you need to master.
  • Past lives – how it affects you currently. Your positive & challenging past lives which you need to know of.
  • Are there any restrictions holding you back. Blocks created, Chakra misalignment etc.
  • Choices you make and the consequences thereof.
  • Any additional information I receive, I’ll pass on to you.
  • As I’ve mentioned above, should you have a question that hasn’t been covered here and it’s really something weighing heavily on you; please feel free to let me know. I’ll absorb the questions as I enter your records and we can see what comes through for you. 


Before our scheduled meeting, I clear blocks and restrictions holding you back energetically. After your reading, I’ll email you all the info and a recording of our session. You’ll receive 30-days of homework which you need to complete to ensure lasting changes for yourself.
Keep in mind, you’ll continue chopping wood and carrying water; however, your perception hereof will drastically change – all depending on your choices and if you are open for some serious change and further awakening.

south african rate

 * R1800

Includes full Akashic Record Reading (+-2-4 hours).

Recording of our session.

30-Days Homework.

15 min. check-in session after 30 days completion.

international rate

 * US $180

Includes full Akashic Record Reading (+-2-4 hours).

Recording of our session.

30-Days Homework.

15 min. check-in session after 30 days completion.