“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.”

– Roy T. Bennett



Choices float around us every single day. In fact, from the moment we wake up to the hour we lay our heads down. Our 13-hour day has, is and will be filled with choices.

From mediocre to advanced, from basic to difficult and complex. Fun filled or adrenaline absorbed. Choices are made within each moment.

The question remains, do you choose with your head or heart?

Do you perceive your life within a negative or positive space?

Do your choices result in consequences or offers life changing moments?

“As we investigate ‘choices’ from a deeper observing level, let’s glance into the suffering of humankind.”

There is this unseen balance within the world. Through your eyes, you may not perceive it as such. All you may experience is your own reality.

However, everything is in perfect balanced order.

Exactly for the reason, where each living being needs to realize, life is much bigger than your perceived world.

People who suffer. Those who died a treacherous death. Humankind within a negative vibrational space. Their deaths need to mean something. They did not die in vain.
People died so that their last breath rippled outward and created an awakening within each living human being’s life.

But the choice still remains with you…if you’re going to grow from the experience or choose to walk away.

People who suffer. You can’t always help the way you want to. In fact, it’s not always about the physical aid. Just the fact that you truly care, feel compassion and love for those in need…sometimes that’s all that’s needed.

We as humans often just need to hear and know that others feel our pain and understand what we’re going through.

You may be in a space of choosing to help, wanting to help…but you aren’t always in a position to offer aid.
As you are in your energetic space of feeling compassion for other people, you automatically send out energetic waves of love to those individuals.

That in itself is needed and sometimes all which is required.

Let’s come back to your life.
You always have the luxury of choosing what energies you’re going to mingle with. You are the one choosing to remain still and be in the aggressive negative space. Often you choose to interact with toxic conversation. Choosing to be a part of that which does not serve your higher self.

But you also have the choice to keep quiet or walk away. To remain silent or speak up. You always have the luxury of choosing what you want to invite into your higher vibrational space. Will it uplift you?

Is it going to motivate you?

Does it comfort you?

Can it protect you?

We are constantly presented with choices. Those choices lead us into directions where we’ll learn and grow and ultimately discover ourselves.

How often have you uttered the words … “I’ve made the wrong choice”.

No. You haven’t.
There are no right or wrong choices.
The roads we choose to follow lead us to lessons and experiences we need to heal, grow, evolve and expand.

It’s completely up to you if you’re going to search for the lesson within or ignore it. Freewill. How are you going to perceive your choices and realities?

Our minds are great at tricking us. Fear kicks into overdrive.
The logic becomes clearer and the smarter move would be to…. (you decide)

As soon as our hearts are granted permission to make the choice, you will never be disappointed with the results. Your heart never lies.

Even if your heart made the choice and led you to a negative space, ask yourself why? Ask what the lesson or message is trying to tell you.

Just keep in mind and never forget… You always have a choice!


Much Love,

Ash B.


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