The Beauty of Freedom series is my sacred space which I share with the world.

I’ve had 30+ years of experience living in this crazy world, enduring my hell and trying to survive day by day. Slowly but surely it felt as if I was drowning within my own mind.

However, with support, alternative methods and grabbing onto my own strength, I can now stand in front of you. I can speak with a clear mind, an open heart…while feeling uplifted, motivated and encouraged to guide you into a higher vibrational space of Inner Peace.

No, it wasn’t easy. I still chop wood and carry water. I still practice a positive train of thoughts. I still venture up and down my own hills.

Yet, I speak and write from an open heart. I’ve brought light into my own darkness. I’ve severed all negative energetic ties. I now chop wood and carry water with sunlight on my face and a happy heart.

Surrendering equals Forgiveness

Surrendering Equals Forgiveness   “Surrender is deeply misunderstood as an act of weakness. Surrender is the bravest and most lucid thing a human ever does, and that’s why it’s so…

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