Listen Now Series category will consist of random topics I feel are necessary to shed some light upon.

There are quite a few areas in life which most definitely requires awareness and this would be the perfect space to discuss them.

As this blog is targeted mostly at facing your challenges, healing from them, growing in the process, progressing through life etc., random daily occurrences most definitely influence our perception as well and it’s great to see how we eventually interact with those moments.

One of the topics I’ll cover for sure is Dry Sockets…since it has PAIN written all over it…pain does affect you in all sorts of ways…I’ll shed some much needed light upon that little dental complication that grips you and holds on for dear life…for the next… 15 days!

In the future I’ll most definitely accept topic requests via either my YouTube channel or a provided email. If there are topics you feel needs some serious awareness…let me know and I’ll make a post… as long as it will benefit your higher-self and bring you onto a road of self-discovery through healing, growth, evolving and expansion.

And of course other random topics will be discussed… :-)

Is your pet a Hassle or Companion?

Is your pet a Hassle or Companion?   “If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all.” - Unknown By ASHLEIGH BREDENHANN Pets are…

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Dry Socket Awareness
woman smiling

Dry Socket Awareness

Dry Socket Awareness   “F.E.A.R. has two meanings... Forget Everything And Run Or Face Everything And Rise The choice is yours.” – Anonymous By ASHLEIGH BREDENHANN Let’s just be quite…

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