Sometimes our emotions and thoughts control us, sending us into a confusing and terrifying oblivion.

Healing is a slow process. There are steps you can take to emerge yourself deeply into your healing journey.

Remember, healing is never a pleasant and smooth ride. It can be bumpy, try to knock you over, anger and frustrate you. It can make you cry an ocean up to an extent, where you feel like quitting.

The key…the fact that you’re slowly but surely moving onward in your journey, shows you already encompass the strength which you so desperately need.

The Healing series consists out of topics we all face within our human journey. Allow me to show you how you can change your perception of your reality and move into a more positive and calmer space.

You need to Communicate Effectively!

Communication   “The importance of communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter Drucker By ASHLEIGH BREDENHANN We are in love. We’re blossoming and glowing. Butterflies cooking up a storm…

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