The growth series shows you where you’ve been, where you are presently and where you possibly can go…if you only believe in yourself.

Water has many different functions. One of the core functions water serves as, is symbolizing the subconscious mind. Where true deep core healing needs to occur, before you can ripple outward your own positive vibes to those around you.

Growth is such an amazing and crucial part of being human. We all need to evolve. What’s most inspiring and uplifting is when you look back at your own life, see where you were and where you are now…THAT is amazing growth that took place…just because of your will wanting a more positive and better version of yourself.


A Million Chances

A Million Chances   "Pause and remember. It’s never too late to begin again, to forgive someone, to have a dream, to meet someone or to start loving yourself. It…

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