The challenges series show you how we face difficulties on a daily basis. We continue following and listening to our minds, rather than coming to a quiet space and listen to our heart.

Challenges are often seen as mountains we can’t possibly climb and overcome. However, we forget the valuable lessons our challenges try to teach us.

The challenges series consists out of topics we all face within our human journey. Allow me to show you how you can change your perception of your reality and move into a more positive and calmer space, so that you can realize what hidden lesson and message awaits to be discovered.

Fear is an illusion. Fear loves playing tricks within our minds, making us think we are worthless, unloved, unwanted and so the list can continue. Years and years of negative programming has and still takes place, making you question your whole existence.

Become the warrior you are within your body, mind and soul. Let’s reignite that spark within your heart. Rediscover yourself.