I am…
Part of you.
I am part of this earth and its soil,
part of nature, the wind and oceans.
A part of consciousness I am.
I am.


Any Experience…

I’ve seen the good, bad and ugly. Experiencing all kinds of emotions, surviving different scenarios and circumstances.

I’ve felt it, seen it, lived it and survived it all… for 30+ years.

Writing comes naturally in which I can express anything and everything. Sometimes, the best you can do from your home, touching people’s lives deeply and worldwide, is to write about things that affects us all on a daily basis and sharing your personal experiences with complete strangers.

Just to let you know…you’re not alone. You’ve never been alone struggling with your own demons. There has, is and will always be people, near and far who don’t know how to change their perception of their reality. Who struggle daily, seeking help finding their way into a brighter more positive space.

We all face daily challenges. Most of us need healing. Every single person can progress, grow, evolve and eventually expand consciously.


My Mission…

This is what this blog is all about. Categorizing sections into their compartments and showing you there is always hope. You can always heal from whatever it is you’re struggling with. Even if you suffer from an incurable dis-ease…there are always lessons and messages to be discovered. The way we perceive our reality is of utmost importance as this can positively or negatively impact your human experience on a daily basis.

What defines me an expert in my field…the things I write and talk about?


Living life and gaining full-on hardcore personal experience with this thing, we call life.
It being 2019, in total…31 years…and still counting of solid in-depth experience of which I physically, emotionally and mentally lived through.

My personal journey from destruction to healing to self-discovery, has placed me onto a path where I can and want to guide you from the depths of your core to an open heart.

Don’t we all have a story to tell?

Perceive me as a messenger. I’ve endured the past. I am present right now. Walk with me, let’s open our hearts and enter the future being brave, bold and courageous.