A Million Chances

“Pause and remember. It’s never too late to begin again, to forgive someone, to have a dream, to meet someone or to start loving yourself. It is never too late!”

– 2ndChanceLoveQuotes



You wake up every single morning, granted another chance to experience your life.


It may be filled with challenges or simply a blissful day. Yet, you have a chance every morning as you wake up, to make this day the best day ever.


You either have full functionality of all your senses or you may face a disability. We tend to take advantage of our bodies, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink to quench our thirst. Still, we have so many chances over and over to experience these things within a flick of a finger.


Financially, you’ve either had plenty or have none. Maybe you experienced the one and now facing the other. Regardless of your situation, life tends to offer us multiple chances to excel. It’s up to us if we’re going to realize it or let it pass us by.


Is it always as easy as it sounds?


At least it wasn’t for me.

“I was in my twenties. Healing has started as my husband walked me through it daily. But now we needed to create a stable home and income for our two toddlers.”

As I left school and a wrecked dysfunctional home, I needed to be on my own to create a life for myself. It wasn’t easy though. Due to my anxiety levels, I couldn’t keep a normal 9-5 job.

I ended up, 21-years-old, living with my grandparents. Their apartment was really small. They were caretakers of holiday apartments. I wasn’t allowed to live with them. It wasn’t part of the job package deal. But they knew my situation. …and after all, I was family. I quit my job and soon after met my husband.


Hubby was busy with full-time studies. Before I even really met the parents, hubby took me in. I moved in with him and that’s where all the ‘fun’ started…NOT!


Fast forward a couple of years…


So my father-in-law knew we were struggling. He also never understood depression and anxiety attacks. He perceived it as ‘attention-seeking’ and just plain old stupid attitude adjustments. However, I was married to his son and birthed two grandchildren.

He always did try to help financially or emotionally in his way.


To sum it up, I had the opportunity to work as an apprentice photographer. I couldn’t take the job, my anxiety tried to kill me. After about a year, father-in-law granted me another chance. I ended up studying for Medical Transcription. The medical industry was a huge passion of mine and this offered me an opportunity to work from home. After completing my studies, I, unfortunately, didn’t qualify for the practical exam. Again, anxiety won.


A year after, father-in-law stepped in once more. I then decided to study for a nurse. Finally, I would have my chance to work in a hospital setting. Something that had my attention since 5 years old.

However, I jumped in blindly and ignorantly. My kids were 5 and 2 years old then. Hubby worked from home. We home-schooled. But again, I tried to run from myself thinking it was possible to drown or mask my problems by working in my dream job.

So… the full-time studies and in-hospital practical’s started.

I managed to cope for four months. Afterward, I crashed and burned.


Again, my crippling anxiety and depression winning this round.


You see, hubby made the conscious choice to rather work from home…whatever he could do…to stay at home and taking care of me and our kids.

Thus, the results being, my father-in-law took care of us financially whenever he could.

He maybe didn’t understand what I was going through and the choices his son was making, nonetheless, he took care of us for a while.


In a nutshell, I was given many chances to help myself, I just didn’t know-how.


A few years ago father-in-law decided it best to send us on our way. He chose to not be in our lives any longer due to our lifestyle and the choices we made. 

It was a blow -a hard blow. One we didn’t expect.


Sometimes we make choices in life that won’t necessarily please others.


I’ve been presented with many chances…opportunities… to do something for me. Something that will suit my needs.

Now keep in mind, I’ve been on the depression train for many years and through hard work and many chances life offered me, I was healing faster and faster. Depression becoming something of the past. However, anxiety still lurked in the darkness. Yet, I needed to prove to myself I can overcome this poisoning effect.


A different scenery – for three years in a row, I applied at our local university to gain my teaching qualification. Something I realized I thoroughly enjoy. BUT…for three years in a row, my application was scheduled as ‘lost’. I don’t even know how to explain this. It was just lost.


Hubby turned around one day, facing me and asked… “Don’t you think the universe is trying to show you something?”

I realized then and there…YES…I’ve received so many chances in the past, but I’m starting to recognize a pattern here. I’ll delve into that soon.


So I quit applying and then after much discussion applied for the TESOL and CELTA certification. Madness…indeed!  

The first college I applied to denied my application. They advised me that the CELTA course was intensive and highly stressful. Not a great match for someone struggling with anxiety.


Did that stop me? No!


I immediately applied to another college and guess what…my TESOL two-week intensive course was scheduled right before my one-month CELTA studies! No break in between. I’d walk straight into CELTA after barely finishing TESOL.  

It was two months of hard work and… I MADE IT! I passed my TESOL with an A+ and CELTA with a pass B.


Do you know what valuable lesson I gained from this? Realizing my anxiety had no hold on me. I could do and achieve anything! And I never stopped trying. I refused to quit life.


Fast forward a year or so.

I tried numerous things job-wise, nothing seemed to work.  

Until I returned to what tickled my heart…something that ignited this blissful explosion within me…writing and guiding people out of there unhappy spaces.


I’ve received a million chances…so it feels. Life gave me what I wanted and sometimes what I didn’t want. Ultimately, the universe guided me back to my true purpose. I needed to experience all those things. I needed to experience the good, bad and ugly. However, within divine timing, I was slowly but surely guided back to my true life purpose.

That’s writing my story and showing you, that you can too get out of what it is you struggle with. Showing you how to change your perception of your reality even if you continue chopping wood and carrying water.


You see, life will keep granting you a million chances until you realize your worth in this experience. You will understand how everything connects and joins together. You’ll be pushed and shoved into all directions until you acknowledge what lies deeply nestled in your heart…your true purpose.


The Divine will always and continue granting you a million chances.


For you to heal, grow, evolve and ultimately expand.


Never regret a moment in which you didn’t get a second chance. There is a lesson to be discovered and learned. Once you notice you keep receiving chances in a certain direction…it might just be to pull you into your true life purpose.


We constantly learn and grow. Align your body, mind, and soul to be open for a million chances.


Much Love,

Ash. B


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