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Lyran Heart

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is about reviving the soul, restoring the divine energy which is your soul. Restructuring puzzle pieces of your physical human 3D experience.

It’s about entering this sacred space and getting second chances continuously to heal your body, mind, and spirit. It’s about growing, evolving and expanding your consciousness as awakening takes place and you start seeing with crystal clear clarity why you are here and what you’re all about.

Face your fears.
Have faith in the Divine.
Trust that it will all unfold within Divine Timing.

Divine Guidance

How often do you find yourself utterly confused and frustrated, not always understanding your actions and reactions? How often do you find yourself staring at your desk, the sunset, the dogs and family; not knowing what your path is…or rather…is this your life?

After you’ve had your session by receiving your full Akashic Records reading, you feel immensely overwhelmed. Yes, you’re richer knowledge wise; but how does one implement the findings? How do you go about changing your perception, way of living, making different choices and completely delving into this pool of wisdom…

Well, the answer is quite simple… By being open and receptive to change.

A Session Is Life Changing

Now More Than Ever, We All Need More Guidance


We all face challenges daily. The question is HOW you face them. HOW you deal with it. HOW to ultimately heal and overcome it. As you move beyond your past experiences, you make a choice to learn from it. The CHOICE always remains with YOU if you're going to continue learning and growing or choose to remain stagnant. The CHOICE is yours. It always has been.


As you aim to consciously evolve, there needs to be room for progress. As you move through your own individual healing process, you progress forward which results in awakening the body, mind and soul. You'll always chop wood and carry water. The difference now is HOW you chop that wood and carry the water. Your perception of your reality evolves with you, constantly changing.


By expanding your own awareness, you delve deep into the pool of wisdom within you. You'll always continue to purge in various ways, be it physically, mentally or emotionally. This is crucial as you absorb outer energies daily from life. Expansion is about sailing into uncharted waters, finding yourself and discovering who you truly are and meant to be.

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Are you ready to discover who you truly are?

You’ll explore your Soul Group, where you come from. Your Soul Gifts and Talents. You’ll get to understand yourself better by discovering your Soul Personality. What your primary life lessons are, your life purpose…why you’re here. How it all fits together and so much more…

honesty evokes trust


My sessions root from a space of truth. I only work with Divine White Light. I interpret every message within a frequency of pure divinity.

I strongly believe in privacy. All my clients I’ve worked with knows this as my number one thumb rule; me treating all my clients with utmost respect, therefor I don’t disclose any information to anyone. 

Without honesty, there can’t be trust.

Information coming through for a given person is sacred and thus I treat it as such. I value and respect confidentiality when we correspond through whichever chosen communication platform.

I guarantee 100% that I will never share your information or our findings of a session or your personal details with anyone.

clarity brings certainty


Clarity is when you can put your ego aside – beliefs, conditioned programming and reactions, and misconceptions.

It’s when you experience the absolute oneness of whom you are, where you come from, where you’re headed and why all of this has, is and still occurs.

Delve into uncharted waters. Swim in the unknown. Look for alternative methods as to the usual ‘norm’. Discover who you are and why you’re here. The purpose of your journey.

Gain clarity within your perception of your reality. Once the confusion, clutter, and fear dissipate, you can then climb out of your ego and snuggle into the depths of your heart.

I am able to pull the information which causes you so much confusion and frustration and together we put the puzzle pieces of your journey back together again, allowing you to experiment with different perspectives which will guide you back to your true self.

inner pool of wisdom


Inner Wisdom gives you the necessary tools to actively and Divinely participate in this experience you perceive as life.

Inner Wisdom was, is and always will be within you.

As you quiet your mind, you being in control of your ego and setting it aside, you strip yourself from all conditioned programming and ideas. As you move deeper within yourself, listening and feeling, you’ll discover the essence of who you indeed are.

Are you ready to unlock and tap into your own pool of wisdom and share it with the world?


"Ashleigh completely transforms as a teacher. A true natural. A mysterious nature engulfs her, leaving me wanting to explore further into what she has to offer."
K. Morgan
Western Cape '2019
"Ashleigh is an excellent teacher. Honest, no-bullshit attitude and realistic. She understands the elements relating to the communicative approach, thus conveys the reading with much patience, compassion and motivation."
C. Ferris
Western Cape '2019
"I have been for quite a few sessions with Ashleigh already. She's experienced me during my darkest hours and happiest times. She's been such an invaluable treasure, helping and guiding me through my own challenges with her psychic gifts, her soft and patient communicative approach, her understanding, wisdom and guidance. She has proved to me continuously she is truly a messenger - connecting to the other side we often ignore."
Shilo B.
Northern Cape 2019
"A life-changing experience. Pieces were placed together like a puzzle and everything in my life finally made sense. Ashleigh has a truly amazing gift, delivering life-changing information the body and soul needs; which reminds us why we chose to be here. To me, she is not a light-worker, but a light-warrior. Here to fight for our awakening!"
R. Bredenhann
Northern Cape '2019
"The time I spent with you was absolutely overwhelming to the limit, yet amazing! The whole session was such an eye opener. I feel incredibly relaxed, positive and prepared to make some serious changes. Thank you so much Ashleigh for this opportunity. Now I understand so much more!"
M. Le Grange
Northern Cape '2019
"Ashleigh is quite an alluring and deep person. Allowing a stranger to enter such sensitive areas through one's Akashic Records, requires a certain level of trust. Ashleigh is incredibly trustworthy, she firmly believes in ethics and honesty; placing me - the client, at much ease. She reminds me of the ocean. Calm to the eye, yet what's inside of her is a mystery. She encompasses such deep wisdom especially at her age, however, her life she's walked and paved puts one at each because she definitely knows what she's talking about through many years of experience. She is such a kind, loving and patient soul, always wanting to help and motivate people, especially strangers. I highly recommend Ashleigh as any person's teacher and guide."
J Jansen
Western Cape '2019
"Ever since I can remember, I always knew that this life on Earth is not all there is. I started reading books on subjects out of the ordinary until I read 'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol. 1+2'. About a year ago I wanted to explore the spiritual world and not long after, I was put in touch with Ashleigh. She helped me understand why we are here and where we are going and where we come from by having the ability to read my Akashic Records. Since then, a lot of things are making sense to me and without her professional approach I would never have had this life-changing experience. Give yourself the chance to let her read your Akashic Records and open up a new way of understanding life and the way forward. It's an amazing ride. Thank you Ashleigh!"
W. Heusdens
Eastern Cape '2019
"After my reading with Ashleigh, so many things became clear. I understood my life better. As if for the first time, I know what's going on in my life and why I am here. It's amazing. I really appreciate your guidance Ashleigh. Thank you so much!"
M. Steenkamp
Northern Cape '2019
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