Readings & Coaching

So you want to explore your own life? Whether you want a READING to gain clarity, insight, and understanding of what’s happening for you, or maybe COACHING is what you need to help you get from where you are now to where you want to go – I’ve got your back!

Readings open your connection to your higher self and the Divine for deeper insights and new perspectives.

Coaching integrates body, mind, and soul in options of Personal or Relationship or Mental Health Coaching.

Wherever you are in the world... All sessions done online

Akashic Record Reading

Soul Potential Reading

Spirit Guide Reading

Intuitive Mentoring Sessions

Life Coaching Sessions

Confidentiality Policy:

Each Reading and Session is confidential. Ashleigh Bredenhann will never share your information with anyone else.


Ashleigh Bredenhann is not a licensed medical practitioner and, therefore, can’t provide medical diagnoses or treatments. The information provided through any of Ashleigh Bredenhann’s services is not intended to substitute professional medical advice. All readings Ashleigh Bredenhann provides is accepted by you done at your own risk. However, Ashleigh Bredenhann will always disclose what’s involved in a session and what potentially can be expected.
You should discuss any recommendations provided during your session with your Primary Care Physician or other Board-Certified Physician, or anyone else you trust. By booking a reading with Ashleigh Bredenhann, you acknowledge your own free will. The actions and decisions you make post-reading are your responsibility.

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