Is your pet a Hassle or Companion?

“If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all.”

– Unknown



Pets are a HUGE responsibility!

Are your pets a hassle or companion? People just don’t understand this concept, or they simply don’t think of the long-term implications when purchasing or adopting a pet.

Those big puppy eyes – any freakin baby eyes googling at you! They are so adorable and cute. However, when they turn one-years-old…what then?

So many strays walking on the streets. Too many people not being able to control their dogs or cats and eventually they chuck them away. Again, the responsibility has become too much. Yet, many don’t do their own research when it comes to pets.

“The most powerful experience I’ve ever encountered with one of my pets was during 2015.”

I’ve always wanted a pure-bred Alaskan Malamute. Something about their presence simply lured me inward every single time I came across one. A few years earlier, we had the privilege of fostering a husky. Those BLUE EYES! Come on! Insanely beautiful.

Their nature is truly that of independence. They prefer being on their own, doing their own thing and don’t for one second think they’re gonna please you the whole time! No way – they’re far too intelligent for those kinds of fetch-and-play games. Instead, you the human…go and fetch my bowl and while you’re at it…bring me a snack!

I kid you not!

Alaskan Malamutes are family orientated dogs.

They love being in a family, being part of a family within their selected pack. So, during 2015 we heard of a man breeding with Alaskan Malamutes. Fast forward a couple of months, and we were driving back home after collecting our newest member to the family… Atka, 3 months old red Alaskan Malamute puppy. Oh, she was big! Truly a giant for the average female malamute size.

Atka taught us so much about ourselves and about what it means to be responsible for a pet companion. Don’t even think of comparing small dogs to big dogs – major difference and your priorities change. You can’t simply chuck your doggy into your car or lap and ride off into the sunset for a holiday. Nope, not all holiday homes, restaurants etc. are accommodating when it comes to pets.

Unfortunately, due to the breeder lying to us (an ugly story I don’t feel like delving into), we discovered quite a few health problems in Atka. At the end of the day, an extremely difficult decision was made to put her down. Not a decision I ever want to make in my life again.

It took me two years to finally accept what I’ve decided and to let go of the guilt, anger, hurt and pain.


It just so happened that quite soon after Atka’s passing, not by choice, but rather fate and destiny, two stunning Alaskan Malamutes chose us as well. A boy and a girl. Samila and Toby.

So here we are today, Toby and Samila both are 4-years-old and then we have Jellie, our 12-year-old miniature Dachshund. These three fur-babes did not only help us heal from our deep internal pain of losing Atka, but they’ve brought so much joy and happiness as well.


Lessons we all can learn from our pets:

  • Just being present within this moment.

Being here in this moment, right here and now. Not lingering in the past. Not wondering about the future. Simply looking at your pet in the eye and being with him/her within this present moment.

  • They are constant reminders that it’s time to have fun and play!

No silly lame excuses. When you see that tail wagging or those claws attacking your ankles, it’s their way of letting you know… “Come on, play with me. Stop stressing about your human life and let’s have some fun.” This immediately aligns you with your inner child as you allow creativity to flow outward and you tap into your playful nature.

  • Don’t we all need exercise?

Even if it’s just a quick jog or walk around the block. Our pets truly know when we need some heart-pumping exercise. They are far more intact and tuned into their intuition than we are currently, constantly being bombarded by outer energies. As you need to walk or jog, so does your pet. As you would want to keep yourself healthy, why not pass on the favor and keep them active and healthy as well.

  • Unconditional love.

You desire to be loved, right? Unconditionally loved without any judgment or criticism. Pure unconditional love where your pet will hug and kiss you and be by your side for as long as you need them to be. Just as you need to be loved and cared for, they need to be cared for as well. They also need physical touch, pampering, hugs, cuddles, and kisses. That is how all we living beings thrive…through unconditional love.

  • Loyalty & Trustworthiness.

Pets are one of the most loyal creatures and trustworthy as well. I always love observing service dogs with their owners. Have you ever watched and observed how they know exactly instinctively what to do in case of an emergency? They sense and smell changes in their humans. Our pets never lie to us. In some cases, our pets have stepped up and saved our lives from dangerous events or situations. They don’t cheat us. They are 100% there for us, loyal and awaiting our command or gesture. Why can’t we do the same towards one another and for our pets?

  • Relax.

Yep, we seriously need to relax. Current times have us all running around, screaming and out of control. We are constantly on high-alert waiting for the next phone call, social media post, email notification etc. What if we could follow our pets’ advice, disconnect from the world for an hour or two daily and just take that nap beside them. Unwinding and relaxing daily for an hour or so will do wonders to your mental, physical and emotional health.

  • Accepting oneself.

Having a pet has become the next fashion icon. Every girl wanting a tiny pooch to place in their fancy bags and walk around comparing bling and glitter. Guys have become obsessed with their looks, taking their bulldogs with them to the park and showing off some muscles for any potential onlookers. It’s truly frightening how programming has changed our perception of not wanting to accept ourselves anymore. Follow your pets’ footsteps… stop comparing your looks with others. Stop hating yourself in the mirror. Accept yourself as you are; the good, bad and ugly!

  • Knocking fear out the way.

Ever observed a dog or cat as a stranger enters your territory? Fearlessly without thinking twice, they attack and protect. Only want you out of harm’s way. Extremely inquisitive creatures. What about you kick fear out the way, stop over-thinking every bit of detail and run towards that goal you want to achieve? How about you become inquisitive about your life and sniff around for new adventures. You might just learn a thing or two about yourself. We always tend to discover ourselves by sailing in uncharted waters.

  • Forgiveness.

That cute little puppy chewed on your brand-new shoes or chair. He/she pooped on the kitchen floor and made a mess of the toilet paper. How do we react? Angry, frustrated and scowling; chasing them out the door and adding a punishment as well. Yet, we push them away for no apparent reason or abandon them so easily. We kick or hurt them. Forget to feed them food and water. They forgive us in an instant, no questions asked. We as humans are capable of doing the utmost horrific things to our pets, yet they simply do not ask any questions. They simply forgive us. Why do we continue to hold grudges, or become so angry at small things? Maybe we should look deeply into our pets’ eyes and follow their advice. Start forgiving and stop holding grudges.

  • The journey.

When you’re at home, your pet keeps him/herself occupied with toys or their tail! Maybe even sniffing out some small creatures in the backyard. When you drive in the car with your dogs’ head sticking out the window, look at his face and tongue hanging out, spit all over. But just look at that face. At peace and enjoying the journey. They don’t mind or care where they at. They simply have this natural curiosity and zest intertwined in every single moment as they enjoy the moment. Instead of us chasing the next goal, maybe we should stop for a moment and enjoy getting from Point A to B. Sometimes it’s not just about the destination, but how you get there which is the most crucial part of your personal journey.

Pros of owning a pet: (only to name a few)


  • They keep us fit.

Your dog or cat may require frequent walks or some type of exercise. This will automatically ‘force’ you to help them exercise and in return, you get a decent workout as well. Bonus points for both parties involved!

  • They lower our stress levels.

Dogs and cats, in general, have this natural loving ability to sense our fears, anxieties, and anger. Their very first response would be to take care of us, letting us know we’re not alone in this world. They cuddle, hug and kiss us usually when we didn’t expect them to pick up on any vibrational shift within ourselves. I absolutely love observing service dogs, especially who specializes in Post Traumatic Stress events. Service dogs have been such HUGE support for people across the world, helping them to get back on track with themselves again.

  • They can sniff out a serious illness or danger quite quickly.

Both dogs and cats have a super sense of smell abilities. Since everything does revolve around energy, they immediately feel a shift occurring within their space and they sniff out that yucky illness or danger. An incredible amount of cases during the years have been documented of our pets saving our lives either from danger or from a fatal illness. So, take extra care of your pet. They are your personal guardian angel indeed!


  • Far too many of us have experienced loneliness.

Many people out there who are lonely and that dog or cat companion has filled that void with their life-long companionship towards their owner. Just knowing they are in the house, on the couch, on the bed or wherever his/her favorite spot is, they are always by our side. Till death do you part.

  • They help us make friends!

Yep, they do. True social creatures. Ever walked in the park, dogs start sniffing out one another and hey…here comes the owner. You shake hands, introduce yourselves and who knows, you’ve either made a new friend or met your future husband or wife!

  • They teach us responsibility.

Our two Alaskan Malamutes and miniature dachshund have taught our kiddos responsibility to such an extent where they are showing nurturing and empathy skills. Our kids have become so supportive and caring towards our pets, they can’t stand it when they see our dogs in any kind of discomfort or unhygienic situation. Poop gets picked up frequently. Water bowl gets washed and filled a couple of times a day. Food has become somewhat of an art in our house since our fur-babies regularly have a choice what they want for supper or breakfast…OH and trust me when I say…they actually CHOOSE what they want! Yep, they know exactly what’s going on in this house!


  • Unconditional Love.

With such innocence and reverence, our pets invite us into their space, their hearts and truly love us unconditionally. They never forget a face, smell or act. Imprinted into their hearts are our actions, words and vibrational intentions. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for our own kind, the human species. Our egos constantly interfere and we allow intellect to rule over love. This is one energetic frequency which can’t ever be broken, the frequency of unconditional true love.

  • Being in the NOW

– being constantly present. Since birth, we’ve been conditioned and programmed to act, speak and think in certain ways. Thousands of thoughts race through our minds constantly. Either we lose ourselves in the past or we ponder about the uncertain future. Next time, look into your pets’ eyes, and realize, they are simply here…now. They are simply just being. Let them become your teacher and guide you to be present at this moment. Just be with them as they simply are in every single moment.

  • Intuition.

Intuition drives our pets, a natural instinctual way of life. Their inner-wisdom leads them to discover their wants and needs within any given moment. Be it hunger, meeting strangers or wanting to play; the information gets relayed through their senses. Thus, they are established more in the heart and body than their mind. Another admirable quality we can take away from our pets and incorporate it into our own lives by listening and following our intuition, rather than our minds.

Cons of owning a pet: (only to name a few)

As you walk into the shelter and hear all those puppy cries, observing all those beautiful googling eyes, you immediately fall head-over-heels in love with a dog or cat. Even better, our small toddlers want a puppy or kitten or any preferred pet. As parents, we feel we need to adhere to our children’s wants and needs. Yet, seldom, we don’t always realize the implications of owning a pet. At first, it’s such a rush adding a new member to the family. However, after a few months or year, that pet becomes too much…

  • Owning any pet is a financial commitment.

Are you capable of adhering to your pets wants and needs? Healthy food does not come cheap. Toys and basic supplies are expensive. Medical expenses are becoming more expensive each year and all pet owners know that freak accidents occur all too often. Your dog or cat becomes ill for no apparent reason. Spaying, neutering, vaccines etc. Kenneling should you need or want to go on holiday and your pet can’t go with, it’s not cheap. Grooming your pet often, especially those dogs and cats with double coats who shed once or twice a year. Our Alaskan Malamutes shed like crazy. Fur EVERYWHERE. Monthly they need to be groomed to keep the fur at bay, or you’ll end up eating, drinking, bathing, sleeping, wearing and walking fur! Trust me. Not kidding ya!

  • Do you have the time to commit to your pet?

Owning a pet is YOUR responsibility. You took it upon yourself to care for and love that pet as a member of your family. They can’t just simply be chucked outside for hours on end left to their own company. Unfortunately, many people simply get dogs to guard their houses. They see them a few minutes a day and continue with their own lives. In my opinion, this is cruel. Rather get yourself a security system if you need your house guarded. That pet is a living breathing being, a being who requires love and attention from its owner. If you work all day, not at home much…rethink your options. Pets are usually on average a 10-20-year commitment. Take all necessary precautions should your life change drastically and you can’t be with your pet as before. Just as you, your pet requires physical and mental stimulation.

  • Planning ahead.

You need to go away for work. You want to go on holiday. Can your pet come along? Do you have other family members who can take care of your pet while you’re away, be it for work or pleasure? Usually, it takes planning ahead. Remember, those puppy eyes are extremely cute and luring right now. However, that pet grows and he/she will be in your life for quite a few years. Are you planning on relocating to another house or country in the future? Your neighbors’ pet-friendly? You planning on moving to a country with your pet in mind? Can your pet be left outside? Do you have space outside or fencing? Are you opting for puppy classes for those moments where they cause havoc outside and inside your house?

As you get the idea, having any kind of pet is such a huge responsibility, but also such a hugely beneficial part of our human experiences.

Just as human babies are the most adorable thing ever and holding and cuddling that tiny bundle of love, we all suddenly want a baby! However, don’t forget, that ‘once a tiny bundle of love’ grows into a toddler, a teenager and then hopefully a responsible adult. Just as we have wants and needs, so do our pets. Frequently, dogs and cats are dropped off on highways, in bushes etc. because we can’t handle the responsibility.

Make the responsible conscious choice… as you need love and support in your life, so does your pet.

Love, Light & Peace to you.

Ash B.


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