Healing the Physical, Mental, & Emotional body.

“Wounds don’t heal the way you want them to, they heal the way they need to. It takes time for wounds to fade into scars. It takes time for the process of healing to take place. Give yourself that time. Give yourself that grace. Be gentle with your wounds. Be gentle with your heart. You Deserve To Heal.” – Dele Olanubi



Healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body is of utmost importance and has enabled me to keep pushing forward. Then of course, much needed support, dedication, patience, and perseverance are critical to the whole process.

It’s completely okay where you currently are at with yourself.

Struggling to cope with depression? Can’t you rid anxiety’s poisonous claws? How can you accept the past? How do you possibly forgive, let go and trust?

  • Acknowledgment
  • Acceptance
  • Surrender
  • Gratitude
  • Believe in Yourself

Let the above points sink in for a minute. It’s okay if you feel resistance building. Just let it sink in.

I needed to focus on these steps before I even thought of entering the healing stage within my journey.

I’ll continue repeating the following words until it really sinks in…because you need to accept the terms and conditions attached to undertaking such a life-changing path…

  • It may not always be easy healing from the past.
  • It doesn’t always feel comfortable.
  • The emotional pain, it can become overwhelming…but you need to really feel it, and then let go.
  • Healing is a daily exercise of the body, mind, and soul.
  • You can walk this path. You can heal.

“What are the necessary steps to start your healing journey?”

Healing the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Body step-by-step...


Too many people simply survive every day. You may be one of them.

I was.

For 20 years I simply survived.

I couldn’t face my past. The trauma and horror of it all. I didn’t want any part of it. The reality…millions of people today can’t acknowledge what they had to go through; can’t accept their past.


Acknowledging what you had to experience, means you must be that person that endured all that pain.

I, physically, emotionally and mentally tried every single day to run away from my past, myself, the events, family, and friends. I didn’t want to be that person connected to all those painful memories and awful people.

Regardless of how scary or painful it all may be – ACKNOWLEDGE everything! Stand firm within yourself. Be Bold, Brave and Courageous. Acknowledge it all.
After you acknowledge every single tiny detail within your past and present… now you just…



How is it even possible to start accepting what has happened in your life?

How do you accept the reality of it all?

Why is it so damn hard accepting the unacceptable?

Because by accepting your past and present, you immediately acknowledge the fact that your life has been, still is…unbearable.

By not accepting my past, I blocked my own path forward and clouded my own vision to such an extent of utter bitterness.
One of the very first actions you absolutely have to take within your life is being able to accept what has been, what is and then only will you be able to work on…what will be.

Acceptance does not occur within a few hours or a few days. Nor does it happen within a few months. It can take years to finally accept the reality of it all…it is a working progress…You are a working progress on the road to recovery and self-discovery.

However, the point being…You are actively working on yourself and your perception of your reality to grant yourself the beauty of freedom within your own mind.

Once the acceptance progress begins, REMEMBER TO…


Be patient…let’s continue…


To surrender means, being able to vanquish negative emotions and allowing your thought process to heal from years and years of negative programming from yourself.

For you to be able to surrender to the past and present, you need to acknowledge what has happened. You need to accept what card(s) life has dealt you. You need to understand that ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING happens for a reason. For you to find that reason, you need to surrender.

To surrender is to let go of that which no longer serves you.

Holding onto negative thought processes has never served you in a positive manner. It has only kept you in a low vibrational frequency, thus you only emit negativity outward. The only way for you to move forward and becoming unstuck from your past and/or present, you need to let go of all negativity…that which no longer serves you. It has never served you. It has only depleted you year after year.

I never understood the concept of surrendering. I never knew how I should let go. These were my memories, things glued to my brain. How was it even possible to imagine letting go of all this muckiness!
However, once I understood why it is of the utmost importance to surrender – to let go – letting go of all self-inflicted harmful thoughts and negative vibes which circled me from within outward and outward to inward; that is when I grasped the magic trick…

The past remains in the past. The present is only temporary. The future has not yet arrived.

Surrender to the darkest places within. Face your fears head-on. Let go of what was. The past no longer serves you. It only withholds you from living in the present and being able to sculpt your future. Once you let go…once you surrender… REMEMBER TO…


Be kind to yourself…


Gratitude is my Attitude. That is the motto to live by.


Without gratitude, your life is empty, miserable and without meaning or purpose. How can one expect to want more out of life, but not being thankful for what you already have or have accomplished?

My husband’s been programming me for the past 18 years, that I need to feel gratitude towards my past…for everything, I’ve experienced…good or bad.
My reaction?

That’s not possible! Why should I be thankful for things I didn’t ask for? I’ve been the victim, why should I say…Thank You!?

Because gratitude is that little savior which allows you and me to see beneath the surface. It allows you to see the message beneath the challenges you’ve been facing or maybe still do. Gratitude allows you to eventually discover why you needed to experience all those horrid and traumatic events.

Healing within time occurs before you reach a stage of gratitude. A space of being able to really look the hurt and pain in the eye, and capable of saying out loud…

“Thank you. I now understand why things have happened the way it did. Thank you for this chance to learn from my challenges. This is ultimately how I grow, evolve and expand.”

The trick is to be gentle with yourself. Having patience and granting yourself a thousand chances if need be. You need to keep going. Never quit. When you fall, rest a bit…but get up and continue walking. Falling teaches you how to lift yourself back up again.

Repeat to yourself…

“Thank you for the strength and courage that I can keep working on myself, healing myself to ultimately discover who I really am and want to be.”

Remember to…



Why should I believe in myself if my life has been, still is…unbearable? I’ve begged, cried, yelled, asked nicely, prayed…just for a glimpse of ‘feel-good’ fresh air…but NOTHING! So why should I believe in myself…

This was my mentality for many years. In fact, it’s the mentality of most teens and adults.
We had our past. Now we’re stuck in the present. Not much fun either. Bugs Bunny knows what the future will hold…

What if I were to tell you, that it was all necessary. All of it.

You always have a choice which road you’re going to take. Either a path of further self-destruction or you can take the road less travelled…the most difficult path to walk…The road where you learn to love yourself, where you start believing in yourself that you, only you can make a change for a better future for yourself.

Yes, yes…it sounds ridiculous and cliché and so typical.

However, when you move beyond this type of mentality, you’ll realize that you need to believe in yourself, that you can heal, you can change, you can provide a better life for yourself.

What is the key? What is the secret?

A change in your perception of your reality. Only you can change your thought process, your vibrational energy field, your circumstances, your current experience. BUT…only YOU can make that change by Believing in Yourself!
Remember to….


The conclusion?

This is simply a glimpse into the beginning stages of how you can change your perception of your reality to experience a more positive, uplifting and inspiring life.
Healing takes time. It requires dedication, patience and utter gentleness with yourself.

I’m not here to whisper in your ear that you need to read my posts and you’ll magically be healed and a changed person.

NO! That’s not reality. It’s a fantasy.

It took me about 20 years to completely flip my life, thoughts, and perception of my own reality in a 180°direction. It’s different for every single human being. It’s a daily mental, emotional and physical exercise. It takes time. And YES…you will fall…many times. The key is to get back up again and continue walking step-by-step.

I am here to guide you and show you, that from my own personal suffering, one can grow, evolve and expand from all darkness. You simply need a will to move your legs into a more positive environment. HERE is an article which in much more detail discusses the four bodies. Head on over, very insightful and will give you a much clearer idea of how the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body works -your body in totality.

*Have you noticed I’ve mentioned you need to remember to BREATHE constantly… Why? Breath is extremely important. It aids and helps in all panic situations. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, scared, anxious, angry, confused etc…REMEMBER TO BREATHE. Inhale deeply through your nose and slowly exhale a couple of times. Close your eyes while you do this.


Love, Light & Peace to you.


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