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Course 1

Akashic Records 1.0

What are the Akashic Records? Where are they located? Why would you want to read the records? What information can one possibly find within the records, and how could it potentially change our lives? So many questions, so much to learn. It all will be covered during this course. Start believing in yourself. Learn how to let go of fear and strengthen your trust within the divine process of diving deep into the Akashic Records. Are you ready?

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Interactive course material. Study at your own pace. Contact me immediately whenever you struggle or desire clarity. All material 100% online. Walk out confident, ready to take on the world and if you so choose, maybe even start helping others to see their truth.
Launching 2021

Course 2

Spirit Guides Connection 2.0

Each one of us is born into this human experience with spirit guides leading us toward our life purpose, keeping us on track, offering daily messages and guidance, helping us stray from danger. Once you start building a relationship with your guides, you cannot turn back. You may not always see them as clearly, but you will most definitely feel them. They sure have a sense of humor as they enjoy joking around or playing a prank or two on us.

Yes, you can connect with your guides!

Build a relationship with your guides, allow a bond of unconditional love, light, peace, and beauty to form. Learn how to tap into high vibration energy, connect effortlessly with your guides. Your guides ALWAYS have your back – believe in that!
launching 2021

Course 3

oracle cards 3.0

This course provides you with solid grounding in what oracle cards are, how to work with them and even how to create your own deck, once you start feeling the creative juices flowing. Regardless of if you are a complete newbie, or if you have worked with oracle cards before and wanting to hone your already existing talents set; maybe you’re just curious. Well, jump on the divination tools train and see what’s in store for you.

Inspire. Uplift. motivate. enroll today.

You will walk out this course feeling inspired and charged with high vibes. Gain knowledge to read the cards, understand how dominant energy works, answer questions, guide family and friends. Take some time for yourself. Invest in yourself and allow me to inspire, uplift and motivate you. You in? Let’s go!
launching 2021

Course 4

Mental Health Awareness 4.0

I know EXACTLY how depression, anxiety, separation anxiety, panic attacks, self-harm, and suicidal tendencies feel. I’ve been smack in the middle of it all for 25+ years. I know it to the core. I’m here to SHOW you HOW you can once again experience the beauty of freedom within your mind. Yes, it is possible to recover and heal from the above mental health distortions. And I want to show you how.

Believe in yourself

Making use of mental models, diving deep into shadow work, exploring the subconscious mind, I show you in steps how to retrieve your strength, being brave and courageous to get up and walk this path. Within divine timing, you’ll find yourself becoming stronger and on the road to recovery. In this course, I show you HOW to chop that wood and HOW to carry the water.
launching 2021

Course 5

Akashic Records - entrepreneur

This course not only shows you how to access and read your own Akashic Records, but I teach you how to access the records for potential clients... on a business level. I teach you how you can trust yourself, how to access other people's records...with their consent -ALWAYS, and how you can become a light-worker. Guiding people forward.

Personal & business level

This course includes everything you need to know about how to access your records, but also how to access strangers' records, becoming a beacon of light for someone who potentially may need it. If you only want to learn how to access your records, then please enroll in Course 1. If you want to learn how to access your records but other people's records as well and to ask for money for your services, this course is the right fit.
launching 2021


I am ashleigh bredenhann

It is my mission to guide you to your truth, to show you how you can blossom into the best possible version of yourself, but also how you can activate the healing within another person as well. We can guide people forward, but it’s up to each individual to walk the path. We can shed light where needed, but it’s up to the individual to see the light. Contact me today. Allow me to show you how.

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