I am... Part of you. I am part of this earth and its soil, one with nature, the wind and oceans. A part of consciousness I am. I am.


My name is Ashleigh Bredenhann.

Nice to meet you.

Want to know more about us? I’ve experienced the good, bad and ugly. Living through different scenarios and circumstances. I’ve felt it, seen it, lived it and survived it all… for 30+ years.
Since I can remember, I’ve had an immense love for linguistics, culture, and people. Once I graduated, I walked into photography as a photography assistant. Oh wow, did my love for photography spark right there and then! However, it’s always interesting how life directs you into completely different avenues you don’t always understand. Since then, I completed TESOL, TEYLT & CELTA. I knew I wanted desperately to work with foreigners especially…the accents, different cultures, etc. It was my personal drug being in their presence. I devoured every moment. 

However, something was missing. So, I ventured into the writing world. I became a published Author during 2013 for the very first time and a book I’ll rather keep secret…you know…a newbie author ain’t always successful the first time…especially in the romance genre! It all came to a halt when I realized that I first needed to heal and discover myself. How I was going to accomplish this was still a mystery, until during 2016 when hubby held me and said, “Love, it’s time for Ayahuasca”
This is where my spiritual journey officially began. I experienced meeting and being in the presence of a Huni Kuin Tribal leader shaman. He offered me one-on-one healing as well. I drank Ayahuasca and let me tell ya…it’s seriously 25 years of intense therapy in 7 hours straight! Yep…a video and blog post will be made in honor of this beautiful mother healing plant or rather, medicine miracle. I drank San Pedro, had Rapè. I was then introduced to crystals and their healing powers. However, my journey didn’t stop there. I needed to find the answer to why I was here. Why I constantly hit my head and learned the hard way. What my purpose was. Why I felt so incredibly lonely and longed for something I myself never understood for what. Ultimately, I was introduced to the Akashic Records and here is where the magic really started brewing.

This is something you personally must experience in order to fully grasp what it means to truly discover yourself in ways you never thought possible. I started reading more self-help books. I googled transformational info and jumped deep into the oneness of us all. I re-introduced myself to my spirit guides (since they already knew me – it’s me who forgot they existed since I incarnated into the human body and ultimately is our mission to remember them and recognize all the help, they offer us daily). I started receiving light language in the form of symbols. At 4 AM in the mornings, I would jolt awake, get up and write down symbols as they prepared me for what was about to unfold. Everything just started making more sense.
Now, I always knew I wanted to help people. I’m extremely passionate when it comes to trauma, be it child abuse, depression, anxiety, suicide, etc. Because I’ve been through all of it. Akashic Records showed me how I can help people on a broader scale by being part of the awakening process. Since childhood, I had the ability to communicate with the other side. My story isn’t glamorous at all since ghosts scared the living shit out of me for years and years! Up until a few years back, when I stopped perceiving my ability as a curse and embraced it as a gift. To hone my gifts and talents, I enrolled in an Akashic Records course and here I am today, offering people – you – the opportunity to peek into your past, your past lives and to discover whom you are and ought to be during this human experience.

Here I am, never in a million years did I ever think I would write non-fiction transformational books. Yet, I’m busy with a six-book series delving deep into the roots of healing, challenges, growth, evolving and expansion of our bodies, minds, and souls. Consciousness as a whole. Never did I imagine myself offering services to people, yet here I am being of service to the world and sharing my gifts and talents with those who wish to enter uncharted waters within their own experience. For years and years, I needed life coaching to help me get out from victim mode into the living mode, the tables have turned 180° and here I am today; guiding people through life coaching methods for them to be able to see that they too can bloom and shine.

I guess what I’m trying to tell you is… NEVER SAY NEVER!

Don’t we all have a story to tell?

Perceive me as a messenger. I’ve endured the past. I am present right now. Walk with me, let’s open the doors and enter the future being brave, bold and courageous.

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