About Me...

You are not alone!

Feel it. Believe it. Know it.

I choose to step up, speak up and shake the world… but when did it all start?

2006 hit me unexpectedly and incredibly hard. My reality as I knew it then spiraled out of control. From thinking I was A-okay and on-board, I fell into the endless dark pit of depression, anxiety, separation anxiety, self-harm, and suicide. The first 18 years of my life finally caught up with me and boy-oh-boy…did my earth shake!

For the life of me, TRUST me when I say, I could hardly breathe. I couldn’t move… but I NEVER GAVE UP.

I was born with a range of extrasensory abilities, including all the Claires’. (Clairvoyance, Clair-sentience, etc.).
I am a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today as my journey has led me thus far, I use my gifts and talents as well as my life experience to guide, motivate, inspire, and teach you how to overcome your past trauma, empowering yourself, reclaiming back your power and finding your freedom and happy once again.

During 2017 (and years of internal healing) I was given an opportunity to participate in an Ayahuasca Dietta ceremony. 12 Days I spent with a shaman. Don’t take my word for it, do your research and participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony yourself; but my 12 days was equivalent to 25 years of psychiatric treatment.
During our ceremony, the shaman held my head and spoke directly to my soul…
The words echoed and reverberated through my beingness as I saw it all. Felt it all. Tasted and smelled it all. Heard it over and over.

I help you remove the blocks in your life that keeps you in mucky, detachment, confusing spaces. I share my experiences, reflections, and insights through Akashic Record readings, Intuitive and life coaching, articles and programs, meditation and distance healing.
Regardless of the methods, my message is all about you finding yourself again. You remembering who you are and ultimately you believing in yourself to joyfully live this life.


Yet, why was I here? Why do I constantly hit my head and learn the hard way? What was my purpose?

I started meeting interesting people and every single time the word ‘Akashic Records’ would pop up. This is where the real magic started!

For the first time in my life I chose to TRUST and FOLLOW my heart by following the signs.

I studied the Akashic Records, ins and outs of it and eventually qualified as a Soul Potential Practitioner. Finally, I got the opportunity to hone my psychic abilities (something I perceived as a curse for years). 

I now see and experience it as a beautiful divine gift. A gift I can use to help so many people.

Lyran Heart was eventually birthed into the world where I finally have the opportunity to be of service to the people of the world in any way possible for me.

You see, often we have plans for ourselves, yet, the Universe steps in and offers you so much more than you could’ve even envisioned for yourself!

Be Brave

Be Courageous

Be Bold

I constantly hone my skills, expand my soul through different transformational books, divination decks, daily meditation practices and teachings offered by spiritual teachers.

Currently, I’m in the editing phase with my non-fiction transformational books, oracle, and tarot decks as well.

I’ve worked with people in South Africa, the Netherlands, and Australia. It absolutely lights my soul as I work with people and observe how they transform their own lives.

I live in South Africa with my family.  Thanking my lucky stars that the work I do is completely online. So, you and I can connect from anywhere at any time.

I guess what I’m ultimately trying to tell you is NEVER SAY NEVER and DON’T GIVE UP.

Don’t we all have a story to tell?
Perceive me as a messenger. I’ve endured the past. I’m present right now. Walk with me, let’s open the doors and enter the future being brave, bold and courageous.

Ashleigh lives with her family and fur babies in South Africa. While she’s not helping people change the world, she designs English courses for foreigners as an ESL Tutor. She loves reading, photography, writing and being as close to the ocean as possible. She may be slightly obsessed with the ocean! She knows deep within her core, to the water she’ll always return lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.