About Ashleigh...

Ashleigh is a certified Soul Potential Practitioner, Life Coach, Intuitive Mentor, and Creative.

Born and raised in South Africa, she began her professional spiritual career after doing years of internal healing work, accepting and embracing her psychic medium gifts and participating in Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Kampu, and Rapè ceremonies in the presence of Shamans from Brazil.

She left the corporate world in sales and ESL Tutoring to pursue her calling, her life’s passion – diving deep into what spirituality has to offer; the Akashic Records, and also being a Mental Health Advocate in her own right, as she knows depression, anxiety, self-harm, and suicide to the core through hands-on life-experience of her own.

Ashleigh’s personal guidance helps people to shift perspectives, to align themselves with their higher self, to connect with their spirit guides and spirit animals, and to reclaim back their power through taking back control of their own lives.

Ashleigh’s spiritual toolbox includes CHANNELING, AUTOMATIC writing, CLAIR’S gift-set, ORACLE CARDS, CRYSTALS, mindset COACHING, INTUITIVE mentoring, AKASHIC RECORD readings, oracle readings, ONLINE COURSES in the making, and TO-BE-PUBLISHED oracle decks.

Her readings vibrationally align with you and your vision.

I help you remove the blocks in your life that keeps you in mucky, detachment, confusing spaces. I share my experiences, reflections, and insights through Akashic Record readings, Intuitive and life coaching, articles and programs, meditation and distance healing.
Regardless of the methods, my message is all about you finding yourself again. You remembering who you are and ultimately you believing in yourself to joyfully live this life.

Oh come on… you gotta be goofy as often as possible! Bite the bubbles, smell the sun, hug the wind, jump on the clouds… just allow yourself to be absolutely, ridiculously crazy and laugh as much as you can!

Be Brave

Be Courageous

Be Bold

Ashleigh constantly hones her own professional skills, gifts and talents, through studying, practicing, attending workshops, receiving one-on-one attunement sessions, ceremonial attendances, transformational books, divination decks, meditation practices and tapping into higher consciousness for divine support and guidance.

Ashleigh is currently in the process of designing transformational ONLINE courses, designing EMPOWERMENT decks for the Mental Health Community, and oracle decks for the Spiritual Community. Apparently a book or two is also in the works… this gal is busy as a bee!

She’s worked with people in South Africa, The Netherlands, Australia, America, and Spain. Testimonials can be found on each page. Readings she offers are done 100% ONLINE – distance is not a factor.

Ashleigh lives with her family and fur babies in South Africa. Alaskan Malamutes, Miniature Dachshund, Border Collie, Black moor Goldfish… and she’s constantly begging to add a Golden Retriever to the pack as well.

While she’s not helping people around the world, she home-schools her teenagers, loves reading, photography, writing, and of course being as close to the ocean as possible.

She may be slightly obsessed with the ocean, however lately, she hugs a tree every second day!