Lyran Heart

A place where seeds of positivity are planted in the wake of our journey. A space where you and I are going to reignite that spark.

I am committed to you.

Are you committed to yourself?

How often do you find yourself utterly CONFUSED and FRUSTRATED, not always understanding your actions and reactions?

How often do you find yourself staring at your desk, the sunset, your pets and family; not knowing what your path is… or rather… “IS THIS WHAT MY LIFE LOOKS LIKE?”

A Session is Life Changing

Now More Than Ever, We All Need More Guidance



We all face challenges daily. The question is HOW you face them. HOW you deal with it. HOW to ultimately heal and overcome it. As you move beyond your past experiences, you make a choice to learn from it. The CHOICE always remains with YOU if you’re going to continue learning and growing or choose to remain stagnant. The CHOICE is yours. It always has been.



As you evolve consciously, there needs to be room for progress. As you move through your own individual healing process, you progress forward which results in awakening the body, mind, and soul. You’ll always chop wood and carry water. The difference now is HOW you chop that wood and carry the water. Your perception of your reality evolves with you, constantly changing.



By expanding your own awareness, you delve deep into the pool of wisdom within you. You’ll always continue to purge in various ways; be it physically, mentally or emotionally. This is crucial as you absorb outer energies daily from life. Expansion is about sailing into uncharted waters, finding yourself and discovering who you truly are and meant to be.

Are you ready to discover who you truly are?

You’ll explore your Soul Group, where you come from. Your Soul Gifts and Talents. You’ll get to understand yourself better by discovering your Soul Personality. What your primary life lessons are, your life purpose…why you’re here. How it all fits together and so much more…

How I can Help You...

I work with people who feel they need to connect deeper with themselves spiritually. I also work with people who are disconnected from themselves, due to depression, anxiety, separation anxiety, childhood trauma, sexual abuse, etc. Experiencing severe childhood trauma for the first 18 years of my life and nearly drowning in depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc. I've done the hard work. I moved inward for the past 25 years and got the t-shirt of approval and qualification to empower and guide you through your difficulties. Since 10-years-old I've connected with the other side which means, I connect with all the Claires'. -Clairvoyance (clear seeing) -Clair-sentience (clear feeling) -Clair-audience (clear hearing) -Clair-cognizance (clear knowing) -Clairalience (clear smelling) For over a decade I offered free readings to family, friends and random strangers. I'd connect with their deceased loved ones and usually, we'd end up crying together. Happy tears though. Until I honed my senses on how to connect with my spirit guides and the guides of people. I now connect with your guides to deliver their messages to you which they are desperately trying to bring across through various signs. I read your energy and I access your Akashic Records where we find all the answers to troubling or confusing matters. Should a deceased loved one want to connect with you for a specific reason, I'm always open to receive and deliver within a space of honesty, authenticity, light, and love.


Mentoring in my humble opinion should be every persons' responsibility towards each other. Although mass awakening has taken place at lightning speed over the last couple of years; the world, our realities have turned upside down as we know it. More and more people need help, guidance, assistance, and support. My personal experience with trauma, living through it myself, has given me the necessary tools in which I make use of to help you in showing you how to move from stagnant waters to free-flowing waters. As soon as the pharmaceutical route did little to help me with my 'issues', I quickly delved into alternative routes which basically saved my life and continue to be a very big part of my current daily life. 25+ Years of hardcore experience has taught me, guided me, knocked me over, helped me, and ultimately it was such a huge blessing in disguise of how it changed my perspective on life. Your life matters to me. Because when I was flat on the ground, I needed my life to matter to someone.


Coaching has been occurring naturally, during the past five years. I have received and gained the necessary training and skills which equips me to be able to guide and assist you from a state of confusion, fear, detachment and resistance into a space of acknowledgment, acceptance, surrendering, gratitude and ultimately where you believe in yourself. •I show you how you can awaken your intuition so you can help yourself navigate your life with this natural inner GPS. •I teach you how you can coach yourself. •I guide and assist you on how you can feel better, just by gaining a different perspective on life. •I teach you how to act and react - respond to life, people around you and yourself.

You Are so worthy to be healed!

During the first 18 years of my life, I experienced physical, emotional, and mental abuse. Molestation, rape, kidnapping, suicide, anxiety, depression, self-harm, etc. The following two decades my walls were broken down and I was forced to face ALL the trauma and the people involved.
My healing journey began, but it meant I needed to move within myself and it wasn’t easy or pretty.
Experiencing all this equipped me with the training, the tools, and skills you need to be able to heal, grow, evolve and ultimately expand.

I am a light worker.

I help you bring yourself back to you.

I’ve heard your internal call and I choose to make a difference – to help you transform.

I am a light warrior.

What if you feel sensitive, powerless, and fearful?
I choose to respond to your call and divinely fight with you where together we help you step back into your power.

I am a wisdom keeper.

I’ll help you find and unlock the wisdom within.
It’s about true expansion and connectedness with all.
I’ll teach you how to go within, to unlock your story and ultimately to share it with the rest of the world.

The answers you've always been searching for is, has and always will be found within you.

Client transformation success

Everything I do is to help you reconnect to your true self and unapologetically reclaim back your power as you live your purpose with confidence and spunk!