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Ashleigh is a certified Akashic Records reader, Life Coach, Intuitive Mentor, and Creative. Born and raised in South Africa, she began her professional spiritual career after years of internal healing work, embracing and honing her psychic medium gifts, and participating in Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Kampu, and Rapè ceremonies in the presence of Shamans from Brazil. She left the corporate world in sales, and ESL Tutoring to pursue her calling, her life’s passion – diving deep into Akashic Records and is a Mental Health Advocate as she knows Depression, Anxiety, Self-harm, and Suicide to the core through the hands-on life experience of her own.

Ashleigh’s guidance helps people shift perspectives, align themselves with their higher self, connect with their spirit guides and spirit animals, and reclaim their power by taking control of their own lives. Ashleigh’s spiritual and mental toolbox includes CHANNELING, AUTOMATIC writing, CLAIR’S gift-set, ORACLE CARDS, CRYSTALS, mindset COACHING, INTUITIVE mentoring, AKASHIC RECORDS readings, oracle readings, ONLINE COURSES in the making, and TO-BE-PUBLISHED empowerment decks and books. Her readings vibrationally align with you and your vision.


Readings open your connection to your higher self and the Divine for deeper insights and new perspectives. Choose from x3 different sessions below. Complete Akashic Record readings are detailed, pre-recorded for you to watch in your own time, of which an online live Zoom session will follow for any questions you may have. Soul Profile readings are not as intense as the Full Akashic session. However, it gives you a pretty good idea of who you are and where you’re headed. It’s pre-recorded for your convenience to watch in your own time, and an online live Zoom session will follow for questions you may have. Spirit Guide readings introduce you to your guides, any messages they may have for you, and their role on your team. It’s pre-recorded. An online live Zoom session follows for any further questions you may have.

Are you ready to deep dive into your records, to reclaim back who you are. To step back into your power and live your best life possible?

Not ready for a past life deep dive?  With this screening session, you’ll have a pretty good idea whom you are and where you want to go with your life.

Felt lonely many times during your life? Well, here comes the good news…you’ve NEVER been alone! You have a whole spirit guide team with you!

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Welcome to Lyran Heart. A place where seeds of positivity are planted in the wake of our journey. A space where you and I are going to reignite that spark. Allow me to show you how to reclaim back your power, how to step back into your light. Join me monthly as I share Akashic Record readings, Life Coaching tips, Mental Health education and awareness.


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