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A place where seeds of positivity are planted in the wake of our journey. A space where you and I are going to reignite that spark.

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Now More Than Ever, We All Need More Guidance

Are you ready to discover who you truly are?

You’ll explore your Soul Group, where you come from. Your Soul Gifts and Talents. You’ll get to understand yourself better by discovering your Soul Personality. What your primary life lessons are, your life purpose…why you’re here. How it all fits together and so much more…

What Can I Do For You...

working with me is really easy...


* Would you like to understand yourself a bit more on a soul level, but nothing too hectic at the first go?

*Have you ever wondered what your life purpose is, why you are here, what role you play in this human experience?

* What about your gifts and talents…what are they?

* Let’s look a bit into your positive and challenging side, what lights you up and what pulls you down.

This reading is not as intense as the full Akashic Record session. We don’t delve into your past lives here, but we do dive into your soul and I show you what you’re really about. How you can reach your full potential.

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*Do you need/want to understand yourself better, heal, transform and finally know what your purpose is?

* We look at your soul gifts & talents, potential jobs you can look at. 

* Interested in your soul personality, soul specialization, positives and challenges you may face?

* Want to know how you naturally respond within a relationship, be it romantic or general?

* What about your power center, how you best respond to the world, circumstances, situations, etc.?

* What about your past lives… how it currently affects you?  And so much more…


* Do you want to meet your spirit guides, maybe ask a question, or maybe you’ve always felt incredibly lonely.

* Do you want to know their role on your team, why they’re with you, a potential message from them to you?

* Well, you actually have a team of spirit guides with you constantly, guiding you forward and keeping you on track with your life purpose.

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* These sessions are ONLY open for existing clients who’ve ALREADY had an Akashic Record Reading with me.

* Do you need guidance? You’ve received a reading, but now what?

* How do you implement everything? Do you need a guiding hand, until you feel strong enough?

* Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the information you’ve received and not quite sure how to process it all?

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The Intuitive Mentoring Sessions is the perfect fit for what you want right now.


* Do you struggle mentally? Depression, anxiety, self-harm or suicidal tendencies… I’ve got you!

* I’ve experienced it all for 25+ years. I nearly didn’t make it. It took me another 10+ years to heal myself, grow, evolve and expand. 

I know what mental illness feels like – I’ve BEEN there smack in the middle of it all. Through solid life experience and creating self-help tools and techniques to help myself; today I share these tips and tools with you.  I’m living proof that you CAN HEAL from depression, anxiety, self-harm and/or suicidal tendencies.

* Want to talk? * Need someone to listen? * Need a shoulder to cry on? * Need some guidance forward? 

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